Dean Solden is a musician -  jazz pianist, composer, singer songwriter, having written more than 75 songs and compositions, toured with a  major artists and played jazz piano throughout the world.


Dean Solden is a speaker and writer, having written and spoken across the country on senior health care issues, including testifying on health care issues for the Michigan State Senate. He has also written political satire.  

Dean Solden is a teacher and educator.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s Dean and his wife Sari owned and operated one of the first “Rock School,” a school of jazz and rock in Marin County, California.


Dean Solden  is a Master of Ceremonies, having hosted twenty years worth of talent shows. 


Dean Solden  is an entrepreneur, having started 13 businesses in the senior living field, currently co-owning and operating three assisted living/memory care properties. 

Dean Solden  is now a playwrite,  having in 2016 written his first play, a one man “musical memoir” called, “I’m Going to Take You Home Tonight” a musical journey where he takes the audience back to his roots on the Jersey Shore, and introduces his listeners to four crucially important people in his life, his sister, mother, daughter and wife. 

This website was created for people to learn more about Dean Solden’s work, listen to the recordings, learn about his current theatrical shows, and read about his views on senior living and his company Vibrant Life Communities and his senior philosophy, “living with assistance.”  As he says in one of his songs, “I’ll be 50 tomorrow, hope for more time to borrow, so far it’s been a mighty fine ride.”

You can contact Dean at (734) 260-3600 or deansolden@gmail.com for bookings.